Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wondering about that Panther's O

I've been watching the Carolina/Miami game. I don't want my first Panthers post to solely start on a note of concern so I'll start with the positives. The defense looks even better this year. Kris Jenkins makes a big difference in the middle and the Panthers added some bulk to go along with him. The D has shown big play ability this preseason, scoring two touchdowns. The special teams looked very good tonight, forcing a fumbled punt that led to a field goal and D'Angelo Williams returned a kickoff 98-yards for a TD. As usual, John Kasey looks like Mr. Reliable.

Now for the offense. The D and special teams have combined for more TDs than the O. Granted, the Panthers haven't had Steve Smith all preseason. He'll make a difference when he steps on the field. That's what worries me though. Without Smith, the Panthers had a chance to develop more offensive options. While the receiving corps looks stronger, the running game still looks stilted. Is it the backs or is it the line? It's probably a little of both. The first team offense has only scored two TDs this preseason and the back ups have generated zero points. I'll give Miami some credit too. If they're not in the playoff hunt, it'll be disappointing.

Fortunately the season is long and the defense is rock solid, giving the offense some time to refine its game. Still can't wait for the season to begin. Go Panthers.


Anonymous David Boyd said...

A lot of it had to do with Miami. That's a good team. I pick them to win the AFC East. Bills and Jets are a joke. NE has lost too much.

Blogger sam's notes said...

But was DeJuan Williams not impressive?

Blogger Glenn said...

Don't get me wrong. The Panthers will be strong this year. David, you're right about Miami. Their defense played very well. In fact, I've put them on the consideration list for my fantasy football league.

Sam, Williams's run was great. I hope he keeps coming around. Speaking of fantasy football, Williams improved his stock greatly on the Fox list.


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