Saturday, September 09, 2006

Deacs get double rabbit's feet win on gridiron

Wake Forest needed both of Bodmin Bunny's hind paws (sorry animal lovers I needed a metaphor with a link) plus a black cat sneaking around on Duke's sideline this afternoon. As the final seconds ticked away, the Deac's Chip Vaughn blocked a last-second Blue Devils' 27-yard field goal attempt, preserving a 14-13 WFU victory. In a post game radio interview, Vaughn said that earlier in the game he picked up on the way Duke lined up to protect kicker Joe Surgan. He said he thought that if he took a certain angle he could beat his blocker and get in the way of the pigskin. It worked as Vaughn said he ended the game with a big red mark on one of his forearms. Can't remember if he specified left or right.

Wake may have used up all the good luck available this weekend in Forsyth County, getting outplayed by Duke in most aspects of the game. The Devils deserved a better fate. Their QB, Thaddeus Lewis, played a strong game (over 300 yards passing). The most telling tale of the tape was five DBD drives into the red zone with only one field goal to show for it. The Deacs shouldn't have much trouble living with the Devils' moral victory, Wake's seventh straight over Duke.

BTW: A nice Apache flyover by the NC Air National Guard just before kick off. Good afternoon to be outside.


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