Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do we really need the US Senate anymore?

Well, maybe I won't go there yet, but the current GOP Senate Campain Committe, headed by NC's Liddy Dole, raises more serious questions with me.

Let's look at its recent track record:

It's lending de facto support to a Democrat over the GOP nominee in Connecticut.

It did a swell job toppling Katherine Harris earlier this week in Florida.

Today we have this. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee postponed its confirmation vote on John Bolton because Rhode Island Republican Lincoln Chafee is not prepared to vote yes.
Guess who Liddy's committee supports in next week's Rhode Island GOP primary?

I understand that in the cloistered world of Washington politics it's hard for a party to turn on one of its incumbents, especially during a crucial election where control of the Senate is at stake. Since I don't have to worry about that stuff, I refuse to donate any money to a Republican Senate campaign committee that's spending a good portion of its resources to save Lincoln Chafee's tail. Don't get me wrong. The extent of my political spending is a $40 donation to the Bush campaign in '04. I gave once and almost bi-weekly the GOP empty hand is stuck through my doorway via the US Mail. Though the '07 Reagan calender is cool, but that didn't come from the party.

Before asking for our hard-earned money, my US senator needs to talk to her voters. I know Chafee's opponent Steve Laffey stands no chance to win RI, but if you're making security the top issue, it looks like the confirmation of Bolton should be a top priority. You've already given up one state in New England, might as well let another one go. If you cut Chafee loose, you would be standing on the same principles that have led you to support Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. I'm starting to feel more prepared to answer my misleading headline.

BTW: Chafee went under the Coulter knife last week.


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