Sunday, September 24, 2006

Football, football, football

Considering the outcome of the Carolina Panthers' game this afternoon, it's been a great football weekend.

On the collegiate front, Wake Forest made sure Saturday ended on a good note. The Deacs didn't find the land of Faulkner too ponderous to understand and swept aside Ole Miss 27-3. Nothing impatient about the Demon Deacons as on offense they only threw five passes and on D held the Rebs to 34 yards rushing. No illusions here though. The first five opponents occupying Wake's schedule represent the weakest run of the season. But hey, they've been wins. A game next week against I-AA Liberty and then the Tigers come to town.

Speaking of the Tigers, I watched a good chunk of the Clemson/UN Carolina game and I have to say, the final score, 52-7 orange team, is every bit indicative of how the game went. (More thoughts on this one at Ed Cone's blog.) State got a great last-second win over BC and Chuck Amato got emotional post-game. Good for the Pack. I like Amato, but I don't know what to make of him.

On the national scene, Michigan may well represent the biggest challenger to Ohio State in the BCS race. If it comes to that, things will get settled on the field around Thanksgiving. As overrated at Notre Dame was preseason, you can't count on them getting whipped around the field two weeks in a row by teams from Michigan. Good win for the Irish over Michigan State.

I finally feel like writing about the NFL. The Panthers got a good win today over Tampa Bay. Thank goodness for the left leg of John Kasey and the guile of Jake Delhomme. So far, Kasey has been Carolina's most lethal weapon. He kicked four field goals today, including a game winner with only a few seconds left. The game winner would never have come if not for Jake. While he didn't play his best game, Delhomme maybe made one of his best all-time moves . On fourth and long at about the T BAy 40, after dropping back a few steps, he hit the alley and ran down into comfortable Kasey range. Good to see Steve Smith back. He makes a difference all the way around even when he's not in top form. With nothing easy left on the schedule, the Panthers better come to play every week.

While I was tracking down the links, I found this one on the hosptialization of Bucs QB Chris Sims after the game. Some sources say he is in critical condition. Tampa Bay officials refute it. After a horrible start, Sims played solidly. He wasn't in good shape late, but continued to play except for part of one drive. I hope he keeps fighting hard. It puts all that written above into perspective


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