Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day weekend: football, fantasy and real, darts etc.

It's been a fairly low-key Labor Day weekend, but looking back I got a lot packed in.

I contemplated going to the Grimsley-Dudley game, but I had a fantasy football draft scheduled for Friday night. As it turns out we hit a snag and had to postpone the draft a day. I had to settle for getting bits and pieces of the real game by listening to the PA, which I hear loud and clear. I heard the Whirlies go-ahead touchdown. Sounds like it was a great game.

Saturday night I met the folks in Winston and we headed to the Wake-Syracuse game. Wake dominated the game, especially defensively, but couldn't get the offense clicking enough to acheive a blowout, winning 20-10. Even though the score remained close throughout, Wake never appeared in trouble. The Deacs did lose QB Benjamin Mauk for the season when he broke his upper right arm diving on a fumble. Redshirt freshman Riley Skinner took over and the offense didn't drop off any. We'll see if that's the case as the season stretches on. Duke is next up for Wake.

Friday night's snag meant I had to give up the fantasy draft and leave my picks at the mercy of the computer. I left a good draft list, but I didn't get anywhere close to the team I would have put together. I won't complain too much. I did land Ladainian Tomlinson, Anquan Boldin and Peyton Manning, but I only ended up with two running backs. The RB is the highest scoring position in fantasy ball. You need plenty in reserve, especially if a star like Tomlinson goes down to an injury. I've been working with the roster. I've already made a big trade and claimed two players from waivers. This is my first go at fantasy football. It's amazing how alluring it can be once you get into it.

A buddy of mine was kind enough to throw some steaks on the grill last night. After good eats, we threw some darts and watched the Louisville-Kentucky game. It was a thriller, featuring a load of scoring and drama. It also included a devastating injury to Cards' RB Michael Bush, being touted as a Heisman candidate, who broke his leg in the second half. He's done for the season. Louisville won 59-28.

Love that three-day weekend, especially when there's still some of it left.


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