Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Romney makes strong gesture

Via Instapundit, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announced today that his state will not provide any security for the visit of former Iranian PM Mahmoud Khatami when he visits Harvard. He made a strong unequivocal statement in support of his decision which reads in part:

In his own country, Khatami oversaw the torture and murder of Iranian students, journalists, and others who spoke out for freedom and democracy. Khatami relaxed freedom of speech laws giving democracy reformers a false sense of security only to engage in one of the largest crackdowns in the country’s history.

In Khatami’s Iran, there was no religious tolerance. According to the U.S. Office of International Religious Freedom, Iran was one of the worst offenders of religious persecutions. Minorities, such as Evangelicals, Jews, Catholics and others, have suffered.“

Khatami pretends to be a moderate, but he is not. My hope is that the United States will find and work with real voices of moderation inside Iran. But we will never make progress in the region if we deal with wolves in sheep’s clothing,” said Romney.

Romney looks more and more like a formidible challenger for the GOP's '08 nomination.


Blogger Joe Guarino said...

I agree this may be a candidate to watch. While I have severe misgivings about his health care plan in MA, it appears he may have other strengths.

Blogger Glenn said...

I think any potential GOP rival who doesn't take him seriously, may do so at his own peril. I'm not at all familiar with his health care plan in Mass.

Blogger bubba said...

Joe, unlike some who hold radically different beliefs than you and I do, we don't rule out candidates strictly on the basis of one issue.


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