Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, RIP

Sorry to wake up Labor Day morning to the news that Steve Irwin died from a stringray sting to the heart. We cover Australia in seventh grade social studies and I usually show my classes a video that tells the story of how Irwin became the Crocodile Hunter. His family ran a crocodile zoo in Australia. Irwin took up the family business and took it to unbelievable heights. The kids ususally love the story. I think they get their biggest kick when they hear Irwin talk. I never watched a lot of his shows, but I've always liked Irwin. He had a go for it, enjoy the hell out of it approach to his work as dangerous as it was. I've never been to Australia, but if a good chunk of Aussies share Irwin's spirit, it's got to be a great place. Irwin's run was too brief. He died at 44.

Here's more details on stringrays.


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