Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The call of the wild turkey, I guess

The feathers flew on my drive home from Madison today. As I began picking up speed after stopping at the 220/68 interchange, I suddenly got a glimpse of a wild turkey. Too bad for the bird. I caught the glimpse as he ran into my path. Almost as soon as I see him, I hear a loud thud and watch feathers float in the air. I t-boned him with my pick up. The next thing I see is a Chevy Blazer slow down just in time to avoid having the big bird plop on its hood. (If it had been a cartoon, the main course for Thanksgiving dinner would have hit the northbound lane, followed by cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.)

The traffic was too heavy to stop, but I slowed down enough to see that the drama ended rather quickly, and for the most part harmlessy, except for the poor turkey. I drove on home. When I get out to check for damage, I find a few feathers stuck in the crushed driver's side headlight of my '03 Ranger. Not only did the the bird crush the headlight, it broke another piece that encased the headlights and grill. Everything broken was plastic. A coat of dust also covered the corner of the hood where the bird made impact. I didn't check my speedometer, but I guess I had gotten up to 50 by the time truck met gobbler. The bird had to be moving at a decent clip too. You usually don't see turkeys killed on the road. However, this one had his mind made up. Even if he had cleared me, I don't see how he could have beat the traffic traveling north.

On to the body shop. By the way, a Land's End winter catalogue awaited me in the mailbox. Nice parkas and squall jackets. Oh well, they'll have to look good on someone else. I bought a big bird instead.


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