Sunday, October 08, 2006

Division series ofer

The St. Louis Cards just made sure I got skunked. I got zero picks right in baseball's divisional series this week. In my world, the New York Yankees would be preparing to take on the Minnesota Twins in the AL while the San Diego Padres and LA Dodgers would make ready for a Southern California baseball Octoberfest in the NL.

Here are the alibis. I didn't underestimate the Mets. I overestimated the LA pitching staff. I was too conservative to buck tradition with Oakland. They've found many ways to make their fans miserable with recent division series collapses, but not this season. It's starting to look like you should never pick San Diego to beat St. Louis in the postseason. As for the Tigers thrashing of the Yankees, I'm glad I got that one wrong.

I'm going to have to consult a book of ethics to find out if I'm allowed to make league championship series predictions since I didn't pick any of the four there to make it. Tomorrow's garbage day here so I think I'll toss out the crystal ball and pick up some Tarot cards on the way home from work.


Blogger Stop the translation! said...

dude, c'mon, you gotta go with the Mets for a while. it's the team to beat this year. forget the yanks.
check this out: !
...and good luck...

Blogger Joe Guarino said...

Glenn, how much would I have to pay you to induce you to pick the Cardinals? :) Good to meet you Saturday at FreedomNet.

Blogger Glenn said...

Stop the Translation. I wasn't picking against the Mets. Unfortunately I put too much stock in the Dodgers.

Joe, nice to meet you too. I'm still mulling over my NLCS pick. Should have it within the hour.


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