Saturday, October 21, 2006

World Series: Cards vs. Tigers

Since I put on the line for the first two rounds of the MLB postseason, I might as well test my luck on the World Series.

Detroit and St. Louis appear in a rematch of the 1968 series, the first one I really remember. I guess '68 has nothing to do with '06, but it's a traditional match up for me.

On the surface, this one shapes up just like the last two World Series. The AL club is steamrolling and the NL representative plays the pavement. In fact, the last two ended before I had a chance to get a good look while settled into the La-Z Boy. However, you can't really predict those things and we're getting ready for Game 1 so let's pretend we have a competitive series.

The Cards looked like they ran out of gas by the end of the regular season. Not only did Houston almost catch them, but even Cincinatti had an outside shot going into the last weekend. The Cards survived and went on to handle San Diego with relative ease. They also put the Mets on the ropes. The Mets fought back hard, but couldn't overcome the loss of too much starting pitching. On the other hand, the Cards' starters pitched the club to the league title.

Detroit is playing like it intends to never lose another game. Not just this season, but from here on out. The pitching has been dominating while the bats have come through with timely big hits.

I'm holding out hope for a good series. I'll take the Tigers in seven. That'll allow Jim Leyland to join former Tigers and Red manager Sparky Anderson as the only managers to win World Series with both AL and NL clubs. If it goes the other way, Tony LaRussa will join Anderson.

BTW: I've only picked one post series season right, but I've enjoyed watching the ball.


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