Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In defense of coyote execution

Other than Sam Hieb's reference to its state ordered execution, I'm surprised to have not read more about the demise of the Lindley Park coyote on the local blogs.

According to the News and Record article, neighborhood opinion is mixed on whether the wild beast needed removal from his urban redoubt. I'm in complete sympathy with the get 'em out camp. Like most wild animals, coyotes will do their best to keep to themselves, but if cornered they'll do whatever it takes to survive. There's hardly a dog they won't fight (and usually whip) and they will threaten humans who get too close. No cat is safe with a coyote nearby and urban chicken farmers may have to give up the fresh egg omletes.

Coyote supporters are probably right to point out that getting rid of one coyote won't solve the problem. There will likely be others to deal with, but they deserve the same fate as the pioneer. I'll rest my case on this, we dont' allow dogs to roam freely, if it happens animal control steps in. Potentially, coyotes represent even greater threats than loose hounds. As unpleasent as it is, the city may have to get into the coyote extermination business. Stay tuned.

Unintended hiatus

I never intended to take a blogging hiatus, but one broke out nonethless.

I'll attribute it to football. I'm a Wake Forest fan and I suddenly found the gridiron Deacs dominating my internet time. With its historic season, a sudden bounty of cyber articles on Wake football glory were there to peruse. I think I've read most of them. I have to ride that ride as long as it lasts.

My obsession, as painful as it is, with the Carolina Panthers continues as well. For now it feels good. However, I fear if things look good for too long, the Cardiac Cats will have to go on another two-game losing streak to make things as hard as they possibly can.

Finally, I've jumped into fantasy football. My team, the Boomdogs, finally climbed into a first place tie by knocking off the season long leader last weekend. Right now I hold the tiebreaker by having the highest-scoring team overall. The Dogs are anchored by the two best players on the two best teams, LaDanian Tomlinson and Peyton Manning, but I'm grateful to have the Jacksonville defense, Javon Walker, Thomas Jones and Neil Rackers too. The roster is tooled for the playoff run with Travis Henry, Keyshawn Johnson and Anquan Boldin among others in reserve.

It's too early to declare the hiatus terminated, but there's no school today and nothing in the weather forecast even inspires me to open the front door. Let's see what happens.